Motivation & Managing Stress in Education Coaching

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Educators: Is it time to take care of yourself?

Regardless of your role or the sector in which you are work, you are to be praised for the work you do on a daily basis.  You plan lessons and mark the work; management and leadership roles are undertaken with fortitude; you think about the well-being of your students, and you consider it a duty of care to ensure your students receive the best guidance possible to prepare for their exams. Despite all of this, research produced by The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has highlighted the fact that teaching is a stressful profession; unfortunately, many educators do not usually think about themselves until it is too late. 

Consequently, according to the National Education Union’s (NEU) report (2017), 81% of teachers considered leaving the profession due to their increasing workload.

Yes, It is time to take care of yourself!  Go ahead and Book a Coaching Session Now!

Constant stress, recurring illnesses, burnout, and rethinking the worth of your career, are all signs that you are not doing enough to look after your mental health and well-being.

Set Healthy Boundaries

 It is often easier, however, to remain motivated when you take the necessary steps to reduce stress, and create a balanced, healthy lifestyle.  Your motivation is also enhanced when you are certain about the direction in which you want to go.  Clarity might involve becoming more aware of your role as an educator, or your career aspirations inside or outside of the classroom. Regardless of the choices you wish to make, setting boundaries to promote work-life balance is a necessity.  Those boundaries will empower you to implement the strategies required to alleviate stress.

Without the constant stressors in your life, you obtain the freedom to focus on achieving your potential.  The energy gained will provide you also with the motivation, confidence, and self-awareness to stand tall; to be more organised; to spend time with family and friends; to use your professional time efficiently, and to work towards your goals.

If you are seeking to create a satisfying career in education, or if, in fact you are contemplating leaving the profession, it is essential to maximise your personal strength, professional attributes, and effectiveness.  Your coaching sessions, and the training programmes will give you the opportunity:  to identify your stressors, to reduce your stress levels, and to remain motivated, so that you can establish for yourself a satisfying career, and a healthy lifestyle.


“Coaching sessions with Sonia were very professional throughout.  The coaching methods are excellent.  I would recommend ExcelUCan to anyone who may be questioning or having difficulties about various aspects of their life.  I am well on the way to achieving my desired weight”.  Alan, Careers Advisor, Stratford

Alan, Careers Advisor, Stratford

Students: Does this sound like you?

  • The challenges you face are having an impact on your motivation, and aspirations to succeed. 
  • You want or need some support and guidance as you work towards regaining your motivation, and the achievement of your educational goals.
  • Your lifestyle, and studies are out of balance.
  • Your stress levels are constantly rising.
  • You are beginning to have less energy, and the drive needed to study.

Today is your day to take action

The Motivation to Succeed is Key!  It is equally important to be clear about what you want, and how to achieve it without stress and anxiety.  Moreover, it is essential to talk through your feelings; your coaching sessions with me will give you the opportunity to talk.

By taking action to work with me in a supportive and confidential way, you are giving yourself the chance to address the issues that you are facing; to create clarity in your mind, and to regain your motivation.  Talking will also help you to work out how to establish a healthy balance between your goals, lifestyle, and studies.


Thank you so much for being at the end of the telephone line during my coaching sessions with you.  Your support, encouragement and guidance helped me when I was feeling anxious and stressed.  You have been a rock, and the sessions have been like gold; they meant a lot to me.  I feel more positive, and I am so looking forward now to continuing with finishing my studies, and the pursuit of my goals.  Thank you.  God bless you Sonia.

Ellie, University Student, Essex

Motivation & Your Power to Perform

Your power to perform is determined by your mindset, and motivation for success.  It is also attributed to the steps you take to look after yourself emotionally, and physically.  You can start by asking yourself the following questions:

    • Do I need or want to change direction?
    • Am I certain about what I really want?
    • How do I improve my study skills?
    • Am I taking the steps to organise my time?
    • Am I eating or sleeping properly?
    • Do I take time for exercise, and relaxation?

As you reply to the questions above, take the time to focus on the opportunities that are still open to you.  Take a moment to reflect on the answers you gave, and what you intend to do to ensure you remain motivated.  Take the time to embrace the support, encouragement, and guidance that I am offering you as your Coach at ExcelUCan.  The coaching sessions, and the action that you take, will make it easier for you to see the bigger picture; to set targets, and ultimately, to reduce your stress levels.


“Thank you for your coaching sessions with me which have helped me get through the year.  Your commitment, and support have been overwhelming, and are very much appreciated.  Thank you for making my life feel so much easier, my mind is now in a better place”.

Karen, University Student, Edinburgh