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Nutrition & Stress Management

In today’s fast-paced society many of us do not take the time during our working day to provide the body with proper nutrition.  It is important to note that nutrition is very important; it can make the difference between how we function at work as well as at home.  There is no doubt that stressful, demanding jobs or studies can take their toll on the body.  In your effort to do everything that is required each day, there is a tendency to neglect the need to nourish the body with food that provides the energy and nutrients needed for repair.  Moreover, according to The Mental Health Foundation, a healthy approach to your diet can contribute to better stress management.  Nutrition is an essential part of all employees’ or students’ wellness programme.  Research has shown that poor nutrition can affect the productivity of both mind and body.

If you are unhappy at work or considering a career change it is important that you do not neglect the role of nutrition when you are trying to make a decision.  A healthy lifestyle can provide you with a clearer mind, so that it becomes easier to make that important choice.

Good nutritional choices also provide a better opportunity to include a weight management programme into your daily routine.  Weight management, however, is not just about losing weight, and you do not have to resort to fad diets in order to achieve and sustain a healthy weight.

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Healthy Food, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

  • Nutrition: Making the right choices about what to eat and drink can help to maintain the correct functioning of your body.  Here are some examples:
  • Stress Management and Resilience: Feeling unhealthy due to a poor diet, as well as poor work-life balance, can be stressful. A healthy diet can help to calm those stressful feelings in several ways.  Oatmeal, for example, contains serotonin; a chemical which has been shown to calm the brain.
  • Improved Focus and Concentration: If you feel tempted by high sugary foods, why not eat some fruit instead? Bananas, for example, contain the mineral potassium. This mineral helps to keep your nerves, heart and brain in good condition, and consequently help you to think more clearly.
  • Improved Productivity at Home and Work: If you are serious about being able to do more at home, or achieving top performance in the work-place; eating wisely is important, correct food choices can boost your energy!

Working with Sonia at ExcelUCan, located in Edinburgh and West Lothian, will provide you with encouragement and motivation.  As a result, you will have the support needed to make sensible nutritional choices that can help you to manage your overall well-being and weight effectively.  You can expect your coaching sessions to be thought-provoking, challenging, and also inspiring, so that you can feel confident about the nutritional path which you take, and in turn, lower your stress levels in order to benefit your overall mental health and well-being.


Having received practical advice about life changing habits from Dr Sonia Russell, I decided to take onboard the advice given, and try it for myself.  With continued encouragement I can positively say that the changes to my weight and lifestyle have been rewarding.  By making the decision to start by taking small steps, with coaching support I’m eager to take the next steps towards experiencing a healthier lifestyle”.

 Gloria,Teacher, Florida, USA