Career & Well-being Coaching

Stress Management, Mental Health Awareness, Health & Well-being, & Goal Setting

Your Career & Stress Management

Struggling with feeling under-valued at work can result in stress or burnout.  Moreover, those feelings are often a signal that you might need to change the nature of your role.  It might also be letting you know that it is time to find a new job.  Mental Health affects the way that we feel, consequently, it determines how one handles stress.  Good mental health, according to The Mental Health Foundation, enables an individual to keep things in perspective.  Sometimes, however, we all need extra support; Career and Wellbeing Coaching provides that support!

Recover, Renew & Reconfigure your Work-life Balance!

A personalised One-to-One Coaching or Group Coaching programme will be designed with you so that you will have the opportunity to deal with current role or career change issues which are having an impact on your mental health and well-being.  Career and Wellbeing Coaching can also help you to focus and build a healthier vision for your personal as well as your professional life.

Coaching will provide you with the opportunity to reflect on the career changes which you might wish to make.  Coaching also helps you to work out how to eliminate challenges which might be getting in the way of you achieving good emotional, spiritual and physical health.  Furthermore, you can rest assured that your coaching sessions will be carried out in confidence, whilst inspiring, and motivating you to take action.

“Knowing the difference between your needs and your wants is your first step towards creating work-life balance.”

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Take the opportunity, and support to explore:

  • Important decisions about your current career, job or professional development.
  • Whether you want to stay in your role, look for a new job or retrain for a new career.
  • Possible prospects for new employment, or perhaps starting your own business.

Take Action to Transform the Vision for Your Life!

You know deep down that:

  • Your increasing tiredness, lack of sleep, irritability, possibly headaches, and increasing levels of stress are signs that you are spending too much time on the treadmill, but you do not know how to get off it.
  • You are constantly trying to juggle your family life, and the amount of time that you spend working.
  • You find difficulty switching off from work, when you arrive home but you are also wondering how to remain motivated in the work-place.
  • You are considering a change of career, but you are not sure if it is right for you.
  • You would like to learn how to improve your well-being and performance in the workplace.
  • You would like to promote health and well-being in your organisation, but do not know what steps you should take.

By prior arrangement, sessions are carried out on a one-to-one basis that take place on the telephone, by email, video conferencing, or by meeting face to face.  For clients who would like to be coached within a group setting; that is also possible.  Coaching sessions will last for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour.


“There are various things which I needed to do that I was finding difficult, I am very good at putting things off because of not knowing where to begin.  The Coaching sessions I had with Sonia were very helpful.  Sonia has been very supportive, and encouraging, so I was able to come up with solutions I would not have come up with by myself.  I am now managing to complete my goals”. 

Rhoda, Perth & Kinross, Scotland   

What to Do Next

So what are you waiting for?  I would say now is a good time to start to improve your health and well-being.  Get in touch, and discover how Career and Wellbeing Coaching can work for you. Book your coaching session now!


“I worked with Sonia for 6 weeks.  During that period, she kept me focused on the goals that I was trying to achieve.  Her encouraging style was a true motivator to help me achieve my objectives.  A real inspiration for me, I would recommend Sonia to anyone looking to make changes in their life”.

Julie, Administration, London