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ExcelUCan located in Edinburgh and West Lothian, is a stress management, mental health and well-being awareness company founded by Dr Sonia Russell.  Sonia uses her Christian principles, knowledge and skills gained from her different roles in education, and stress management, to work with clients (individuals and organisations) who are seeking to reduce stress, and obtain an improvement in their mental health and well-being.  With the aid of her business ExcelUCan, Sonia uses her vision, and draws on her passion to give you the opportunity to take the steps necessary to transform your life, well-being and self-worth.  Drawing on her experiences, and the positive changes she has made in her life, Sonia can work with you in order that you might also achieve a sense of positivity which is great for your mental health, and thereby your personal and professional growth. 

Sonia believes that education in the classroom is extremely important, and furthermore, that education reaches beyond the boundaries of the classroom.  Education is the most important tool that you can receive.  It teaches you how to face and overcome challenges so that you can continue to grow personally and professionally.  Amongst the many areas of education, one of the most important is learning and embracing strategies that will enable you to enhance your health, or avoid the risks that can have a negative impact on your mental health and well-being.  Stress which remains unresolved can lead to burnout.  Not taking steps to look after your physical, mental and spiritual health can also lead to ill health.  Working with Sonia at ExcelUCan, you will have the opportunity to learn how to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle that can help you to combat the unhealthy cycle of stress and poor health. 

Following the completion of the EdD (Doctorate in Education), the CPCAB (Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body) Level 5 Diploma Mental Health and Wellbeing Awareness, and Diplomas in both Coaching and Nutrition, Sonia is an Accredited CPCAB Trainer and Consultant.  Furthermore, professional membership of ISMA (International Stress Management Association), and the Association of Coaching underpin Sonia’s qualifications and skills that are required to work with you. Sonia has also written a workbook to inspire you to work towards your goals. ‘Your 10-Week Journal of Spiritual Growth and Well-being’ is now available on Amazon. 

 Sonia designs and delivers coaching, and training courses for individuals and organisations, which include: career coaching; stress management; mental health awareness; nutritional therapy advice; motivational goal-setting; work-life balance; relaxation techniques; building resilience; understanding and implementing the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Standards; stress versus pressure, and the risks to mental or physical health.

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